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Charity in truth, to which Jesus Christ bore witness by his earthly life and especially by his death and resurrection, is the principal driving force behind the authentic development of every person and of all humanity. Love — caritas — is an extraordinary force which leads people to opt for courageous and generous engagement in the field of justice and peace. It is a force that has its origin in God, Eternal Love and Absolute Truth...  To defend the truth, to articulate it with humility and conviction, and to bear witness to it in life are therefore exacting and indispensable forms of charity.

Pope Benedict XVI, Caritas in veritate

In order to find the path to God that God has intended for us, each of us needs access to the truth, and we will hear it more clearly if it is told in charity. Historically, we have looked to newspapers and other news sources for such truth. Unfortunately, in recent decades various social forces have pulled us further and further apart from one another by encouraging us to adopt our own intensely self-focused, self-defined “truths,” abandoning any reference to the larger framework provided by God in the form of time, space, physics, biology, and other commandments. A consequence is a growing social void that allows unaccountable businesses and unscrupulous political leaders to advance radical, self-serving ends hidden behind manipulative public statements.

The very news sources that we have relied upon for generations to bring balanced, diligent, and firmly moral reporting to us are enabling and even sometimes encouraging these trends, too often forsaking any attempt at objectivity, fairness, or respect for differing points of view.

Our faculty of distinguished Canadian journalists and communicators will present eight sessions intended to equip both emerging writers and practising professionals with all the tools they need to recognize, verify, and faithfully report events that matter to Canadian Catholics. The sessions will provide opportunities for interaction between students and presenters.

Telling Truth in Charity

Introduction to Catholic Journalism

An 8-week online seminar providing an introduction to the ethics, mechanics, and purposes of Catholic  reporting and communications, presented by a team of respected Catholic journalists and communicators, including the editors and publishers of the Catholic Register and B.C. Catholic newspapers, experienced and recognized reporters, and prominent diocesan communicators.

In addition to responding to the need for truth, balance, and charity in the news, the seminar is intended to promote interaction between hopeful, new, and experienced Catholic journalists.

The seminar is meant to introduce a series of courses leading to a certificate in Catholic journalism.

Intended Audience

Students, established journalists, and others interested in working in Catholic journalism and communications. Registration is $60, with a 50% discount for students (enter code "STUDENT" at checkout).  Please direct questions to admin@SaintMonicaInstitute.ca.  Please note, registration is limited to twelve students.


All sessions are 60-90 minutes, taking place online on Tuesday evenings, starting at 7:30PM Eastern, 4:40PM Pacific:

Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2023 - Session 1: Introduction. Led by Peter Stockland, publisher of the
Catholic Register newspaper.

Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2023 - Session 2: The Need for Catholic Values in Journalism. Led by Peter

Tuesday, Mar. 7, 2023 - Session 3: Foundations of Catholic Communications. Led by Paul Schratz, editor of the B.C. Catholic Newspaper, and Andrew Ehrkamp, Director of Communications, Archdiocese of Edmonton.

Tuesday, Mar. 14, 2023 - Session 4: Practical Catholic Journalism. Led by Paul Schratz and Terry O’Neill of the B.C. Catholic Newspaper.

Tuesday, Mar. 21, 2023 - Session 5: Journalism & Pastoral Communications. Led by Andrew Ehrkamp and Neil MacCarthy, Director of Communications, Archdiocese of Toronto.

Tuesday, Mar. 28, 2023 - Session 6: Ethics in Media & Journalism I. Led by Laura Ieraci of AVIVA Media &

Tuesday, Apr. 4, 2023 - Session 7: Ethics & in Media & Journalism II. Led by Laura Ieraci.

Tuesday, Apr. 11, 2023 - Session 8: Summary and Parting Thoughts. Led by Peter Stockland, with all presenters in attendance. Students to share reflections and suggestions.

Materials will be provided online as required.


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