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The Public Square

Informed Witness

We the Church are intended to serve as a voice of moral authority, gently guiding society toward decisions that serve the authentic human development of all souls.  In order to serve that role effectively, we must shape our voice as one of faith and joy, sharing the beauty of the truth of Christ and the love he bears for all humanity.  And that means that you, we, and all other Catholics must be fully formed in the truths our faith propounds, so that we whatever our walk in life we can properly defend and witness to the truth by living lives of faith-filled joy.

     Saint Monica Institute offers formation, support, and resources for Catholic workers, policy makers, professionals, home makers, students, and activists, including policy roundtables and think tanks, support networks, and workshops for:

  • all kinds of workers, including home makers, hourly and professional employees, and business leaders;
  • voters and candidates for public office;
  • directors of public and private boards; and
  • everyone called to witness or defend our faith in public.


We are gathering and developing resources for those interested or involved in any or all aspects of apologetics, history, networking, and faithful witness as professionals. In the meantime, what are your needs? Share them with us.  Perhaps we can help.

Courses and Events

Look here and at our calendar for coming events. Don't see what you're looking for? Let us know - maybe we can help.

Opportunities and Advocates

Whether you're looking for guidance, networking, or chances to really roll your sleeves up and get to work, these active and respected Catholic organizations can help to point you along the way.

Donate to the Community

Volunteer your time, talent and treasure to the catholic community both at the parish level and our larger community. Take a look at the various opportunities to support below.


Monetary donations are not the only way to give back to your local community and archdiocese at large. Take a look at the various volunteer opportunities in the Archdiocese of Toronto.

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If you are interested in learning more about the spirituality of "deep stewardship" or represent a parish community looking for practical resources to help you more deeply engage your parishioners in parish life, click here!

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There are various charities that you can donate to as well as your local parish community. Consider a donation to any of these worthy causes.


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