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Conversations in Catholic Health Care

In this remarkable video series, Archbishop Thomas Cardinal Collins of Toronto and other prominent Catholics explore troubling consequences of the secularization and commoditization of the Canadian health care system for the dignity and human fullness of those it seeks to serve. Cardinal Collins joins host David Mulroney, a former Canadian ambassador to China who has served on the board of a Catholic healthcare network, and Moira McQueen, PhD, Executive Director of the Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute; Father Kevin Belgrave, S.T.D., Director of the Institute of Theology of the St Augustine Seminary; and Dr. Pascal Bastien, M.D., General Internal Medicine Specialist at the Queensway Carleton Hospital. (©2021 Archdiocese of Toronto. All rights reserved.)

Trailer - the Importance of Catholic Healthcare

Host David Mulroney introduces the importance of Catholic values in health care, and the challenges they face.

Chapter 1 - Walking with the Good Samaritan

Archbishop Thomas Cardinal Collins recounts the beginnings of Catholic health care in Toronto, and the men and women who gave their lives in the care of others.

Chapter 2: Catholic Health Care - Now More than Ever

Cardinal Collins discusses the need for Catholic Healthcare, in a world increasingly indifferent to the dignity of the human person.

Chapter 3 - Questioning the Marks of Medical Progress

Fr. Kevin Belgrave explains the importance of measuring medical progress through standards of faith, rather than administrative efficiency.

Chapter 4 - we are Made in the Image of God

Father Belgrave explains the critical importance of looking for and recognizing face of Christ in every patient.

Chapter 5: the Sacramental Meaning of the Human Body

Fr. Belgrave explains the sacramental nature of the human body, and the implications of that nature.

Chapter 6 - Life Issues

Dr. Moira McQueen explains the incompatibility of abortion and euthanasia with Catholic moral and health care values.

Chapter 7 - The Human Person

Dr. McQueen explores the Catholic understanding of the human person.

Chapter 8 - Scanning the Ethical Horizon

Dr. McQueen considers challenges to be faced by Catholic health care in years to come.

Chapter 9 - The Vocation of the Catholic Doctor

Pascal Bastien, MD, discusses the unique vocation of Catholic doctors and the gifts they can bring to health care.

Chapter 10 - Conscience and Cooperation with Evil

Dr Bastien describes the central role of the conscience in Catholic health care, and problems that arise when human dignity is not properly respected.

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